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Physical Prototypes

Why Choose DCP for your Prototyping?




Dirt Cheap Prototypes' pricing is often up to 70% less than our legitimate competitors for the design and build of simple and intermediate complexity electrical and mechanical prototypes.   




Once your product design is approved, we can tap into our top quality resources domestically or overseas to make your prototype based on your goals, budget and preference.




Once your prototype parts are made, we can assemble the prototype, test it, provide pictures and video showing the performance of your prototype and implement tweaks and improvements to get it satisfactorily working before we ship your prototype to you.


Concept through Production Assistance


While DCP is best known for our prototyping, we have also provided dozens of clients with low-cost manufacturing assistance including assistance in areas such as packaging design, 3rd party logistics and EDI compliance.


Having one point of contact from start to finish can save a lot of time and money as opposed to having to engage various designers, prototypers and manufacturers as well as graphic designers and other digital media professionals as your product development, and need for additional assistance evolves, 


Free Quote


Please contact us for a free consultation, or confidentially submit your product if you would like us to contact you to discuss your needs and how we can assist you.

Interested in a Free Quote?

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Prototypes Projects

projects on this page ranged in price from $2,500 (minimum) to $15,000*.

Product Development
  • Engineering & Design

  • CAD

  • Physical Prototyping

  • Manufacturing Assistance

  • Focus Groups

Digital Media
  • Virtual Prototyping

  • Website Design

  • Photography

  • Video Production

* - Dirt Cheap Prototypes does not provide patent or marketing services

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