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Virtual Prototypes


Virtual Prototypes are computer generated 3D versions of a concept that are often so photorealistic that they can be used to visually demonstrate and explain the features, functions and benefits of a new invention in ways that are sometimes superior to what is achievable with a physical prototype.  


In fact, virtual prototypes can look just like a real, finished, shelf-ready product and can be a "Dirt Cheap" alternative to the typically more costly and challenging physical prototype development.


Virtual prototypes can be used to create:​


  • Narrated virtual prototype commercials

  • Virtual photo shoots/image galleries

  • Virtual product lines

  • Brochures, News Releases, and dry sell sheets

  • Promotional Websites

  • Media kits


Once you have your virtual commercial online, you can deliver a compelling presentation of your concept to anyone, anywhere in the world, with a few mouse clicks, and ensure they clearly understand all of the important features, functions and benefits of your product in as little as 60 seconds.


In fact, it is even possible to use your virtual prototype to focus group test markets and engage consumers directly and find out right away if there is market interest in your product before investing large amounts of time and money in product development or legal expenses.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning about how a virtual prototype may benefit you, or complete the confidential quote form below if you are interested in learning just how affordable a virtual prototype and high-quality presentation for your concept may be.



Free Quote

"I happened to meet an executive for an international investment firm when out at a local restaurant.


During our conversation, I mentioned my patent pending invention to him and then showed him my DCP narrated virtual prototype web demo on my phone.  


He was blown away in 60 seconds!  


Now we have formed a business partnership and they have invested in the development of my product."


~ Mike T., CT

Virtual Prototype Commercial

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Virtual Prototype Websites

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