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"Dirt Cheap Prototypes has not only done a great job of assisting me with the development and manufacturing of my primary product, but by following their advice I was able to do all of the manufacturing and test marketing of my product for about 50% less than what I had originally budgeted for my product development and launch.   In addition to the savings they connected me with excellent resources for shipping, warehousing, marketing and fulfillment.  I also now have several new products I am developing with their assistance.   Thank you DCP!"


David D. - OH




"I have been very pleased with the professionalism and quality of design and prototyping services provided by DCP to develop my new product line consisting of 6 products.  We are now making final design adjustments after testing the first series of professional prototypes and also plan on doing a limited production run and test marketing with DCP’s assistance and guidance as well.  It has been amazing seeing my new product come to life with DCP's assistance!  Thank you DCP!"


Dr. Duncan S.




“I am a patent attorney who has spent much of my career providing patent counsel to major manufacturers and I know how important a good engineering and product development team is to the success of a new product.  I have been very pleased with the quality of engineering and design work Dirt Cheap Prototypes has performed on my son’s new patented invention and we have since ordered a physical prototype.  We are excited to soon have a high quality working prototype in hand with complete pricing so that we can make decisions on how to best move Austin’s product forward and into the market place.”


Carl F. - CO

Registered U.S. Patent Attorney



“As a startup manufacturer of a fitness product I have had challenges growing my product sales and profits due to the high costs of manufacturing.  Through Dirt Cheap Prototypes' professional sourcing and cost reduction assistance I am lowering my product cost by about 70%.  I ordered tooling through Dirt Cheap Prototypes and have tested the first product samples and am very pleased with the product quality.   I have also engaged Dirt Cheap Prototypes to assist me with the development of my new football related product and have been very pleased with the engineering, design, prototyping and consulting services they have provided me on this item as well.   Also, as a doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach who works in a clinical setting, I am thrilled to be a part of the Dirt Cheap Prototypes clinical testing team for sporting goods, fitness and rehabilitation products.”


Tim R. - NY

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist



"The DCP team helped us create a cost effective solution to a difficult product design problem. We were very pleased with the quality of work, professionalism and communication of their team and look forward to working with DCP in the future."


Dave Parker - IL

VP Product Development, Pivotal 5



"With DCP’s assistance and contacts, we expect to reduce our manufacturing costs by over 20 percent. The cost reduction will position us well to expand into new markets (e.g., US mass retail, major European and Asian markets), which we anticipate will increase monthly sales by over 100 percent in the next six months."


Jeremy Greenberg - NY

CEO, Flyte Fitness



"I am a professional inventor with a lot of hands on product development experience. I was very pleased with the quality of work that Dirt Cheap Prototypes performed engineering my product and building a high quality prototype for a passive solar invention I am developing.  I have since moved a golf product I am developing from another firm to DCP and will soon be ordering another prototype on the current design we have developed as we continue developing another version which will be USGA compliant.  I am impressed with the quality of work and professionalism and would recommend DCP to anyone looking for affordable, high quality product development assistance."


Dr. Paul C. - FL



“As a competitive baseball player I was ecstatic to see my product commercialized when I licensed it to Louisville Slugger - GameMaster Athletic in 2010.  I recently received my 2nd baseball product patent on a related product that is quite technical.  When I approached the major manufacturers with this new technology they told me they would like to see a high quality working prototype in order to make decisions on partnerships.  I was referred to Dirt Cheap Prototypes and have been very pleased with the breakthroughs and progress in the development of my new product since working with them.  I hope to work with Dirt Cheap Prototypes all the way through to the production of my product and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for professional assistance with the physical development of their new product.”


Jim S. - PA




"I have been very pleased thus far with the professionalism and quality of the design services I have hired Dirt Cheap Prototypes to simplify, cost reduce and weight reduce my full body exercise machine.  Once the design is completed I hope to push forward with DCP for the physical prototyping and testing of my new design."


Terence G. - Washington, DC

Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Certified Physical Fitness Coordinator




"With DCP's assistance I was able to patent my invention and then I found a partner (using a presentation created by DCP) to cover all of the costs for the development of my product.  Thank you DCP!"


Jimmy B. - TX



"The DCP team has been extremely helpful with securing the utility patent protection on my invention and with the creation of my packaged prototypes, marketing materials and the development of my retail introduction strategies.


The prototypes were to spec and the packaging quality exceeded my expectations.  I am very pleased with the results and excited to be able to show retailers a high quality retail packaged (prototype) sample of my product with pricing and to also have the ability to start production right away upon strong interest or an order."


Steve R.  - UT



“As a manufacturer who is in the process of working my hair accessory product into major retail I know how important retail packaging can be to the commercial success of my product.  I used Dirt Cheap Prototypes for the development of my retail packaging for my product as they came highly recommended to me and was very pleased with their quality of work and professionalism.”


Connie S. - AL



"Having developed and manufactured several golf products I know how challenging new product development and manufacturing is.  I have enjoyed working with Dirt Cheap Prototypes on the development and manufacturing of my newest golf grip and have been very pleased with their professionalism, communications and quality of their work."


John A - OH

USGTF Instructor    



“Dirt Cheap Prototypes has been very professional and have met our expectations with regard to the design services we hired them for.  Our discussions have also been very helpful with the development of our long term strategic plan for the commercialization of our product.  We plan on continuing to work with the DCP team for our prototyping and very possibly beyond.”*


Brian M.- NJ, Personal Trainer

Greg N. - NJ, Electrical Engineer



“Working with the DCP product development team to create a high quality prototype was a very positive experience for me.  They asked questions, listened carefully and checked and double checked everything before completing my prototype.  I know how hard it can be to develop high quality hand made prototypes but they came as close as I could have possibly hoped.  With my high quality samples and website I am now generating a lot of interest and preorders and am hoping to do my first production run with DCP's help very soon.

Thank you for making my prototype development as important to you as it was to me!.”


Tammy S. - GA



Dear Dirt Cheap Prototypes, I just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work you have committed to me and my product to help my dream become a reality.  To think that this started as an idea on paper when we first spoke and that we have worked together side by side to develop this into a real product.

The prototypes you made exceeded my expectations.  They are amazing.  In fact I was so pleased with the quality that I used them to create an infomercial to test market it and plan on using them to introduce my product to distributors and retailers as well.  Win or lose, I know that I have done everything I can to make my product successful and done it the right way thanks to your help and guidance.


Cheryl L. - GA.




"Working with DCP on the development of my product has been a fantastic experience. Taking my invention from a concept on paper to a high quality physical product I can hold in my hands and actually touch, feel, and interact with took my product to a whole new level that was not possible before.  The quality of work and professionalism of the DCP team has been exceptional and I would highly recommend them to anyone who feels a high quality prototype will help them in their efforts to attract the interest they are looking for to take their product to market."


Mick N.




“Working with Dirt Cheap Prototypes has been a great experience.  Using a 60 second virtual prototype demo I generated more interest and excitement in my product myself in the first month than I did over the last 2 years working with an invention marketing company!  I then had DCP develop a physical prototype for my product and was pleased with the results as well.  The quality of their services has been excellent and their personal input has always been extremely helpful when making important decisions on my product.  Now I have investors in my product and hope to order the tooling through DCP soon to get my first production run so I can start selling my product in the market."


Jackie G. - NJ



"I have been very pleased with Dirt Cheap Prototypes' professionalism and the quality of their services.  I am also very pleased with quality of the prototype they developed for me and the fact that they have always been available to help me with decisions even after their services were completed.  I am now focused on developing the resources for a small production run and hope to work with DCP to manufacture my inventory as well."


Sam W. - NJ



I was very satisfied with both the professionalism and the results of DCP's sourcing services for my own product.  I have also referred personal friends and business associates to DCP who have also been very satsified with their professionalism and quality of their work as well.


Jon L. - CO



"It is amazing to see how far my invention has come since working with Dirt Cheap Prototypes.  DCP has been with me every step of the way from concept to manufactured product.  They have been there to sound out ideas, as well as instructional in ways to improve my system.  Communication is fantastic.  Open discussions are common and productive.  I would recommend Dirt Cheap Prototypes and staff to anyone looking to develop a new product."


Tom D. - OR



"The DCP team has been very up front about the risks and challenges of product development from the first day we spoke and they have always had our best interest and the best interest of our product at heart.  Whether we have needed to make important decisions on our product development, legal protection or marketing their insight has always been practical and wise."*


Christy A. - MA, Personal Trainer

David A. - MA, Physical Therapist

(*-We have since gone into production for client and first samples were a hit when introduced at the CA fitness expo in July 2015)



“Working with DCP manufacturing team has been a real pleasure. Even though my manufacturing process was met with some hurdles, everything was managed well and with the utmost professionalism. They were very patient with me and my questions/concerns with manufacturing overseas. And when things didn’t work out according to plan, they were always available to talk and assure me that everything will work out, which it did. I would recommend DCP's services to any of my friends and have done so already and have also engaged them to manufacture two more products I have developed.”


Bo P. - CO



“Working with Dirt Cheap Prototypes the last several years been great.  They have not only provided me with valuable assistance but are always available to help when I have questions, concerns or important decisions to make.    Getting my product developed from an idea on paper to a manufactured product with inventory has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have accomplished, and DCP has been with me every step of the way!”


Pat A. - MI



“The DCP product development team has been very hard working, up front and honest.  Having years of hands on product development tinkering I know how challenging physical product development can be and I truly feel I found the right team to work with.  They put 100% into my product and made it as important to them as it is to me.  It has also been nice to be have conversations about my legal, manufacturing and marketing strategies with one team of professionals who understand everything as opposed to many unrelated people and companies."*


Marty E. - VA

*Product is now in production and client has inventory and is working on their sales & marketing



“Our impression is, very nice! Once again very impressive.  Khley and I talked it over and thought that it might be a good idea to show the Fiber Optic cable and carriage on the models because we think that it's important to show how the fiber optic cable reacts to the movement (flexing) of the pole. There is also one other thing with the molding of the fiber optic cable into the clear tip of the pole (see attachment).

Please thank the DCP team for us.  Everything is looking great!”


Carlos - IL



"I have reviewed the materials you sent me.  It looks pretty freaking awesome!  I must say Dirt Cheap Prototypes has exceeded my expectations. The quality of work you have produced so far is exceptional.  I like and approve what you have sent me.   Also, I think it's brilliant.  The points you made to me about how and why it is written the way it is, were demonstrated and executed exactly how you said it would be."


Landon M. - AR



“Working with DCP has been a very positive experience and I am very pleased with the results of their design, costing and prototyping services.  I recommend Dirt Cheap to anyone looking for complete design and prototyping assistance for their product.  I have also referred a friend to DCP who is also been very pleased with their professionalism and quality of their services.”


Kim C. - WI



“DCP has the most affordable professional patent assistance and prototyping services I have ever used. Their professionalism and service is first rate. The time frame for getting back with information is quick and complete. HIGHLY RECOMMEND."


Ron B. - CA



“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Job!...Thanks for the WONDERFUL WORK!!!!!”

“FABULOUS!!!!  Right on the money. Makes me want to buy one!!

Love the new bed also. Looking forward to seeing the website and your continued exceptional work!!”

“WOW!!!!!!! Love the picture.

You guys at DCP are the best!”


Fredia C. - FL



“I found Dirt Cheap Prototypes on recommendation from a friend who also worked with DCP and working with DCP has been a great experience!  From start to finish they have been very competent and professional with the design development of my product.  I am ecstatic with the final design I have approved and am excited to receive the completed prototype of my new electric coffee maker.  I also had the completed design and production drawings reviewed by another engineer and they were highly impressed with the quality of DCP’s work.  I highly recommend DCP to anyone who feels they need to design and build a high quality prototype to attract the outside interest and strategic partnerships they are seeking to take their product to market."


Leann H. - WI

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