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Portable Leg Exercise Device

Current Problem


Brian, a certified sports trainer often used the traditional leg exercise machines both personally and during personal training to help his clients increase leg strength, improve acceleration and also engage the upper torso for overall conditioning.


Unfortunately all existing leg exercise devices were heavy, large and difficult to transport and store.


In 2007 Brian decided to develop a solution.

Developing A Solution


Brian then approached his good friend Greg, a professional electrical engineer who he has been friends since grade school.  Brian and Greg had a number of discussions and then Greg generated a conceptual design and built an initial proof of concept prototype.  


The proof of concept prototype worked well and they decided to move forward with protection.  Greg prepared and filed the U.S. patent application in February 2008.  16 submittals and correspondences and 5 years later the US Patent Office approved their patent application.

Product Design Assistance


Once the patent issued Brian and Greg began discussing ways to move the product forward into the market.  They determined that designing and building a high quality prototype to better demonstrate, explain and market their new product was the logical next step.


At this point Brian and Greg hired us to help with the development of their product.  In addition to being designed to be portable and lightweight Greg & Brian also wanted their product to require no tools to assemble or disassemble the product.  This way it could be easily transported and stored.


During the industrial design stage of their portable leg exerciser project various design options were discussed and vetted.  However as the collaboration and product design evolved it became clear that their primary envisioned base design was solid.  Design refinements continued with with feedback and approval and after many months of work Greg & Brian approved the 9th design iteration of their product.

Physical Prototype & Manufacturing Costing


Costing exercises for the prototype and mass production are now being performed with the goal of moving forward with the building of a high quality product sample.  Assuming the completed prototype is satisfactory Brian and Greg will use their prototype to introduce their Leg Exerciser to the industry and marketplace with the goal of attracting outside investment and strategic partnerships at the earliest stages possible.

“Dirt Cheap Prototypes has been very professional and have met our expectations with regard to the design services we hired them for.  Our discussions have also been very helpful with the development of our long term strategic plan for the commercialization of our product.  


We plan on continuing to work with the DCP team for our prototyping and very possibly beyond.”


Brian M.- Personal Trainer - NJ

Greg N. - Electrical Engineer - NJ

Proof of Concept Prototype
Early Design Version
CAD Screenshots
Physical Prototype
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