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Electric French Pull




Leann, the inventor of the French Pull, loves to drink more than one cup of coffee on a Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, because the french press she uses does not keep her coffee warm, and the remaining coffee continues to steep longer than the normal 4 -5 minutes of desired time, she is only able to enjoy one cup of the each pot of french pull coffee she makes.




To solve this problem Leann invented her French Pull, an improved version of the french press that allows for the easy removal of the coffee grounds once the desired 4-5 minutes of steep time is reached, and is also designed with a heating coil.  These new features allow for the entire pot of coffee to be perfectly steeped coffee fresh and hot; allowing for the enjoyment of an entire pot of hot and delicious coffee.


Finding Dirt Cheap Prototypes


Leann shared her concept with a friend who was an existing client of DCP and Leann contacted us on her friend’s recommendation.  


Free Review and Written Estimate


Once we received Leann’s completed Confidential Invention Disclosure form we arranged for a free consultation to discuss the primary features, functions and components she desired for her French Pull, as well as the quality of prototype and purpose for which she needed it.  After our conversation we developed a written estimate to design and prototype Leann’s product based on these agreed upon guidelines:


French Pull Glass Coffee Carafe

& Steam Heater Base




  • Steam Heater Base, with

  • 400W Heating Element

  • On/Off Switch

  • Thermal Cutoff Switch

  • Automatic 60 Minute Timer

  • Formed Stainless Sleeve for Carafe

  • French Pull Coffee Carafe, with Borosilicate Glass Body

  • Molded Plastic Handle with Stainless Banding

  • Stainless Steel Steeping Lid with Water Inlet Port

  • Stainless Basket Handle with Stirring Paddle

  • Basket Seal - High Temp Silicone or other Heat Resistant, FDA Approved Material

  • Gold Wire Mesh Filter

  • Stainless Steel Serving Lid

  • Design Should Allow for Use of Paper Filter

  • Paper Filter May Be Custom Made for Product


Design Service


After a few months of working closely with our engineers to develop a commercial design for her product Leann approved the design and we provided her with complete production drawings and guidelines for the construction of the prototype and manufacture of her finished product  as well as complete cost estimates for startup production with cost per unit manufactured, packaged and shipped calculated as well.  


Once the design was completed and approved our engineers also assisted Leann with the cost-effective writing of the technical specifications, figures and part and component identification for her product which were then used by her patent attorney as a foundation for her provisional patent application filing.




Very pleased with the the price, quality and service we provided to her Leann proceeded with the order of her prototype and is now awaiting the completion of her prototype sample so that she can review and test it in hopes that she can use it to perform a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds for DCP to assist her with the production of the commercial version of her French Pull as well as for the introduction of her product (pre-manufacturing) to targeted manufacturers, distributors, retailers and investors in hopes of attracting the additional investment and strategic partnerships to take her product to market.




“Working with DCP has been a great experience.  From start to finish they have been very competent and professional with the design development of my product.  I am ecstatic with the final design I have approved and am excited to received the completed prototype of my product.  I also had the completed design and production drawings reviewed by another engineer and they were highly impressed with the quality of DCP’s work.  I highly recommend DCP to anyone who feels they need to design and build a high quality prototype to attract the outside interest and strategic partnerships they are seeking to take their product to market."

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* - Dirt Cheap Prototypes does not provide patent or marketing services.

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