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If you have you ever used a screwdriver in a dark area, you know it is very hard to see well enough to align the tip of the tool with the crosshairs in the head of the screw. Flashlights can help, but if you do not have someone to hold the light for you it is difficult to consistently focus the flashlight on the screw head while simultaneously using the other hand to line up the threads and engage the screw head! Frustrated with this common occurrence, Keith came up with his patented solution to attach the flashlight right to the shaft of the screwdriver, allowing the user to simultaneously illuminate and engage the screw head with one hand, even in very tight spaces.

Proof of Concept or Best Effort Commercial Version Prototype?


When Keith contacted DCP his invention was simply an idea on paper. Upon review, DCP offered 2 prototype options. One was to develop a more affordable proof of concept prototype using as many off the shelf components as possible versus a completely custom (and more expensive), best-effort, commercial version. Keith decided to start with a more affordable proof of concept prototype to get a physical prototype in his hands that he could test so he could determine what areas needed improvement and by how much.  



Prototype Development, Testing and Refinements

Designing and building the first prototype took several months, and once Keith had the prototype in hand he realized there were many improvements he wanted to make in areas such as the battery life, charging system, light intensity, size and also the friction fit of the compression sleeve to the tool shaft.

With all of these improvements in mind, Keith then proceeded with a custom, best-effort, commercial version prototype with the goal of incorporating all of these improvements into the new prototype. The current prototype is expected to be complete within the next several weeks and will then be shipped to Keith for testing. Assuming the next prototype is satisfactory, Keith plans on using it to create marketing material that he can hopefully use to attract investors.



“Working with DCP has been a great experience. They have kept me updated throughout the process and are very responsive to questions, concerns and suggestions.  I recommend DCP to anyone who is looking for a cost-effective way to develop a quality prototype for a relatively complex electrical/electronic product.”

Product Development
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* - Dirt Cheap Prototypes does not provide patent or marketing services.

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