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Many people are surprised to find out it is possible to tool up and manufacture their product for as little as $10,000 to $30,000 in many cases.  In fact, we have helped dozens of clients to successfully manufacture their products both domestically and overseas in the past five years.


Low Cost, On Demand Assistance


While we can handle everything from your concept to the delivery of your final inventory, our strength is in tailoring our services to be as light touch or hands-on as your needs require; while keeping costs as low as possible by allowing you to utilize our high-quality design, development, and manufacturing related services from start to finish or simply on demand and only when necessary to save expenses.


Manufacturer Direct Relationships


When we design and build prototypes, we can often vet vendors and manufacturers as an integral part of the process, so that when our clients receive their prototype, they are often logistically production ready (usually overseas due to costing) with pricing and options to go directly into manufacturing if they choose to.


Dealing with our manufacturing contacts directly at the time of manufacturing provides the best pricing, communication, and control while we are still available when needed for project management, consulting, quality control, troubleshooting, discussions and important decisions.   Assistance like this is typically most critical on the first production run.


Complex Sourcing


If your product is more involved and requires many different parts, materials, production processes and sourcing and assembly requirements we can help you determine where all of the parts will be made or sourced from and where and how they will be assembled, packaged and shipped.  We can also assist you in getting your product from the factory to your warehouse or wherever you will be storing your product for fulfillment.


Graphic Design, Package Design, Logo Development, Instruction Writing, 3rd Party Logistics & Media Services


In addition to manufacturing assistance, we can also help you to develop your logo, branding, retail packaging and even the instructions that you include to educate consumers about your product.  We can also assist with the development of your branding and E-commerce website design including the creation of your product video and other media services.  In fact, we can create a very cost effective turnkey solution to assist you with all of these things that go hand in hand with the manufacturing and launch of your product.



Launching Your Product


While DCP does not provide any marketing services, once you have your inventory we can connect you with people who can assist you with the introduction of your product to major retail, catalog companies, QVC, HSN and DRTV / infomercial companies and who can perform test markets as well as companies that specialize in new product launch programs which can include email blasts, radio, TV and cost-effective social media launches as well.



Free Consultation & Quote


If you have been considering manufacturing your product and want to know how affordably you can get your inventory in hand you can complete our Free Confidential Quote Form or contact us today to learn more.


Phone: (724) 249-6183 



Manufacturing Projects


"I was referred to the DCP team but ended up initially going with another company because the other company told me what I wanted to hear.  When I found out the things I was told were untrue I came back to DCP to help me manufacture my product overseas.  I have since manufactured 3 products with their help and have also referred one of my best friends to DCP who is also now a client.


Bo P. - CO



“After producing my product in China with another company I began talking to distributors and retailers and realized I STILL needed to get my pricing lower.  When my manufacturer could not budge on price I approached DCP about lowering my costs.  


Their overseas manufacturing team was able to reduce my pricing by over 30% more even though I was already manufacturing in China..  I moved forward with production and within 60 days my tooling was done and I had product samples in my hand just in time for the trade show.  The samples were perfect!  


I now have several major retailers interested in carrying my product.  Working with the DCP team has been a great experience and has allowed me to get a great quality product manufactured at a great price and with great service."  


Pat A. - MI


“Working with DCP from the conception of my idea through my prototype development and testing gave me complete confidence in moving forward with them for my overseas manufacturing.  In fact my tooling, setup and first manufacturing run were much more affordable then I had originally expected.  I now have inventory and have retailer interest in carrying my product this coming season and am beginning my internet marketing campaign"


Tom D. - OR

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* - Dirt Cheap Prototypes does not provide patent or marketing services

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