Physical Prototyping

Filtered Candle Extinguisher

A Flash of Inspiration

What would a birthday party be without a birthday cake?  Everyone is familiar with the tradition of putting candles on the cake and letting the birthday person make a wish before blowing them out.  People have grown accustomed to this ritual that unfortunately, spreads germs all over the cake that is about to be served to all of the guests!



Jackie, the inventor of the filtered candle extinguisher saw this happen one too many times and set out to solve this problem.  Her final solution was the Filtered Candle Extinguisher.  By combining the fun elements of a party horn and spittle filter Jackie into a fun and festive housing, the Filtered Cake Candle Extinguisher was born!


Jackie had a local patent attorney prepare her patent application and began working with a marketing firm.  However she did not get any interest in her new innovation.

Virtual Prototype Demonstration


Jackie felt she needed a better presentation.  At this point we began working together and created a high quality virtual prototype presentation to help her better demonstrate and explain her innovation to companies and individuals Jackie was hoping to attract as investment partners.  Within a few months Jackie had developed more interest using her high quality virtual prototype presentation than she had in the past two years working with a high price marketing firm.

Physical Prototype


Building on the increased interest Jackie decided to take her concept to the next level.  She then hired Dirt Cheap Prototypes to develop a high-quality physical prototype to that she could show to investors who were interested after reviewing her virtual prototype demo.  We designed Jackie's working physical prototype almost identical to her virtual prototype.  Her prototype was very attractive and most importantly it worked!

Attracting Investors & Ordering Tooling


With her virtual & physical prototype in hand the interest in her product continued to grow.   At this point Jackie formed a partnership with several friends and colleagues to generate the funds she needed to go into mass production on her product.  Once Jackie had her funds together she ordered her tooling from a local company.  When she told me the amount she was paying I told her it was a fantastic price and that we could do no better.  I wished her the best of luck.


We still talk frequently and are excited to help her with her package design, product branding and retail launch once she has her inventory!

"Working with Dirt Cheap Prototypes has been a great experience.  Using a 60 second virtual prototype demo I generated more interest and excitement in my product in the first month than I did over the last 2 years working with an invention marketing company!


I then had DCP develop a physical prototype for my product and was pleased with the results as well.  The quality of his services has been excellent and their personal input has always been extremely helpful when making important decisions on my product.  


Now I have investors in my product and hoping to order the tooling through DCP soon to get my first production run so I can start selling my product in the market."


Jackie G.


Virtual Prototyping Demo

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