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Cheap - Housewares - Prototype - Cleveland - Ohio
Dirt Cheap Prototypes - Housewares - Cleveland - Ohio
Cheap - Housewares - Prototype - Cleveland - Ohio
Patent & Design,  Retail  Packaged Prototypes
Bed Sheet Clips

A Flash of Inspiration


Steve, the inventor of Bed Clips, was constantly frustrated when his bed sheets would come off of the bed during the night.  Note only was this uncomfortable and annoying but it also caused Steve to lose sleep on numerous occasions.  Steve began to think about ways to solve this problem and he finally came up with his bed clips invention; a simple clip system to secure the bed sheets and ensure they would never come off of the bed again!

"The DCP team has been extremely helpful with securing the utility patent protection on my invention and with the creation of my packaged prototypes, marketing materials and implenting my retail introduction strategies.


The prototypes were to spec and the packaging quality exceeded my expectations.  I am very pleased with the results and excited to be able to show retailers a high quality retail packaged (prototype) sample of my product with pricing and to also have the ability to start production right away upon strong interest or an order."


Steve R.  - UT

Logo Development

Patenting, Prototyping & Early Marketing


Steve made a prototype to test his product and it worked perfectly!  We then help to coordinate and manage Steve's patent preparation and filing.  Once Steve’s utility patent application issued we helped Steve create his media material he used to introduce his product to retailers.  A bedding accessories buyer from one of the top 20 mass retailers in the U.S. expressed interest in Steve’s product and asked for a packaged sample to review.

Retail Packaged Prototypes


At this point we helped Steve build 10 prototypes.  We also designed and made 10 retail packaging prototypes so he could introduce his product to buyers in retail packaging.  Now that Steve is logistically production ready with high quality retail packaged samples; he is ready to go into production should he receive an order.

Circling Back to Retailers


Now that Steve has his product samples and retail packaging he is circling back to targeted retailers in hopes of soliciting interest and orders.

Dirt Cheap Prototypes - Housewares - Cleveland - Ohio
Package Design
Cheap - Housewares - Prototype - Cleveland - Ohio
3D Artwork
Dirt Cheap Prototypes - Housewares - Cleveland - Ohio
Product Development
  • Engineering & Design

  • CAD

  • Physical Prototyping

  • Manufacturing Assistance

  • Focus Groups

Digital Media
  • Virtual Prototyping

  • Website Design

  • Photography

  • Video Production

* - Dirt Cheap Prototypes does not provide patent or marketing services

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