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Compact Luggage System

A Flash of Inspiration

When at the airport Sam noticed a great deal of travelers struggling with multiple pieces of luggage that were mismatched.  This made the process of carrying and transporting multiple pieces difficult.  Even travelers who only carried a backpack and wheeled duffel seemed to struggle when getting ready to pass through security.


Watching all of these struggling travelers inspired Sam to invent a solution.  A single Compact Luggage System that makes traveling much simpler and more comfortable.

The Compact Luggage System


Sam's solution to the problem is a modular, two-piece compact luggage system which is cleverly designed to be simpler and easier to use both separately and when combined.  


The base consists of a piece of a somewhat traditional luggage component with four wheels and an extendable handle.  Atop the base sits a flat-top bag on which sits a detachable backpack.  The flat-top bag has two smaller compartments attached to both sides and a front pouch.


Because so many travelers use a backpack and wheeled duffel this is an ideal way to combine them both for ease of transport and as a carry-on combination.  So while traditional duffel bags and backpacks can be a hassle to manage, the all-in-one modular Compact Luggage System is an efficient solution to this problem

Patent & Design Assistance

When Sam came to Dirt Cheap Prototypes he had only an idea on paper.  


Our team then assisted Sam with the preparation and filing of a patent application and the creation of a virtual prototype presentation he could use to introduce his concept to targeted companies and individuals in hopes of developing interest and partnerships for the further development of his product.  


While Sam did receive a good bit of interest he did not find the types of partnerships he was seeking.  After Sam's patent issued he decided to develop it further.

Physical Prototyping


At this point Sam came back to Dirt Cheap Prototypes to build a high quality prototype of his invention that he could use to better demonstrate and explain his product.  


After several months of design and development Sam's prototype was completed.  Even though Sam approved the prototype based on the pictures we provided before shipment we decided to do a little more work as there were a few small areas we still wanted to improve.  


While this delayed the process a little longer it was worth the wait.  Sam was very pleased with the prototype.



After Sam received his prototype he hired a marketing company to present his product to luggage companies and other manufacturers.


While there was some interest there was nothing that led to any sort of deal.  In retrospect, Sam felt that the services provided were nothing he could not do himself; mainly submitting the details of his product to targeted companies and then following up with emails and phone calls.


Now Sam is rethinking his product development and commercialization strategies.

"I have been very pleased with Dirt Cheap Prototypes' professionalism and the quality of their services.  They have always been available to help me with decisions even after their services were completed.  I am now focused on developing the resources for a small production run and hope to work with DCP to manufacture my inventory as well."


Sam W. - NJ

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