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Passive Solar Window Home Heating System



Due to higher heating costs in recent decades more and more research and development of new solar based heating products has occured to help save exhaustable energy resources and also lower heating costs for consumers through harnessing the power of the sun to provide residential heat and electricity.  




After researching the effectiveness of more recently developed solar harnessing technologies Dr. Cahlifoux began to work on the research and development of a window mounted passive solar system that could generate significant heat for home heating and thus reduce heating bills in colder climates.


Design Specifications


The general design constraints for the proof of concept prototype design and construction was that it could fit in the lower half of standard window frames, and utilize absorbers that were made of highly absorbent surface materials and precise widths, curvature and angle relative to the highest point of the sun in the sky.  It was also important for the different materials used in the construction of the prototype to have certain requirements for absorbency, insulation, conductivity.




During the design stage, in addition fleshing out the CAD Design iterations the Design Team also researched the various off the shelf components that could be used to determine what parts could me made using existing components and which would need to be custom designed and made.  After 6 weeks of research, design and back forths between the Design Team and Dr. Chalifoux, the design for the first prototype iteration was approved and the prototype was ordered.




Several months later the prototype was completed and shipped to Dr. Chalifoux for review and testing.  Dr. Chalifoux was very pleased with the construction and quality of his prototype and is currently performing tests in order to determine what improvements further improvements are necessary to obtain




"I was very pleased with quality of Dirt Cheap Prototype's design and prototyping services and would recommend them to other inventors seeking affordable, high quality product development services."


Dr. Paul C.


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