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Solving a Problem


Phone Frame was invented by Mick N. to help solve the problem of motorists being injured and killed in accidents caused by texting while driving. Phone Frame is a picture frame phone holder that provides a visual reminder (usually a gift from loved ones) to drivers not to use their phones while they are driving.


When Mick first contacted DCP, Phone frame was just an idea on paper and Mick wanted to develop a high quality product sample that he could use for test markets and fundraising.  


Design & 1st Prototype (50%)


Starting with only sketches on paper, our design team collaborated with Mick to design a commercial version of his product that could be prototyped and mass produced.  


When Mick received and tested his first prototype he learned much about how his product would actually look and function. By having the first prototype in hand, he, along with the engineers at DCP, were able to make changes to improve the functionality and consumer appeal of his Phone Frame. This would not have been possible without the first prototype iteration.


Product Improvements / 2nd Prototype 90%


The DCP team then collaborated with Mick to design and build a 2nd prototype of his product that exceeded Mick’s expectations. He loved it. At this point our engineers wrote the abstract and technical specifications and created high quality figures from the CAD design which were used by Mick’s patent attorney as a basis for filing his provisional patent application. Mick is now working on using his prototype and launch budget he developed with DCP’s assistance to raise the capital to launch his product.



"Working with DCP on the development of my product has been a fantastic experience. Taking my invention from a concept on paper to a high quality physical product I can hold in my hands and actually touch, feel, and interact with took my product to a whole new level that was not possible before.  


The quality of work and professionalism of the DCP team has been exceptional and I would highly recommend them to anyone who feels a high quality prototype will help them in their efforts to attract the interest they are looking for to take their product to the next level."


Mick N.


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