Jerry, the inventor of the patent pending On Demand Wet Wipes, likes the benefits of sanitary baby wipes but does not like the fact that baby wipes have a tendency to dry out and do not properly disintegrate when flushed down the toilet.


Jerry’s proposed solution to this problem was a toilet paper spindle mounted sanitary liquid dispenser that would automatically dispense the cleansing liquid onto sheets of toilet paper when the user places their hand beneath the dispenser.  Not knowing of any cost effective prototype companies in the New York City area Jerry contacted Dirt Cheap Prototypes on recommendation from a good friend also located in the New York City area who had had virtual prototyping services performed by Dirt Cheap Prototypes.



Design Goals


Proper activation distance

Suitable power & liquid flow rate

Quiet operation

Reasonably small size

Replaceable battery operation

Significant use between battery changes & reservoir refills

Large enough reservoir

Simple, secure attachment to toilet paper spindle

Aesthetically appealing




Our electrical and mechanical engineers collaborated with Jerry to develop a design for his product that incorporated the aforementioned features utilizing off the shelf components wherever possible and incorporating it into a sleek and aesthetic housing.



BOM Costing


After the design was approved Dirt Cheap Prototypes performed BOM (Bill of Material) Costing Exercises to determine pricing for the construction of Jerry's prototype and manufacturing of his product (including tooling, setup and cost per unit broken down by part.)  After all of this work was completed, pleased with the results, Jerry hired Dirt Cheap Prototypes to make his high quality prototype.




After several months and several tests and adjustments Jerry approved the prototype and is now working on his marketing and attracting fund.




“Dirt Cheap Prototypes was very honest and straightforward with their pricing and services.  They met all of my expectations and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional, experienced and competent product development to team to cost effectively assist with the development of a somewhat complex electrical product such as mine.  Assuming I obtain my funding for production I will strongly consider using DCP to assist me with the manufacturing of my product.”


Jerry S.

New York City, NY

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