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Golf Club Caddy

Solving a Problem


Tim, the inventor of the golf club caddy is an avid golfer who literally lives on a golf course.   Through his experience as a golfer, Tim found that one of his biggest frustrations was realizing much later that he had accidentally left a club on the ground somewhere on the course and would have no idea where he left it!  Tim worked diligently on a solution to this problem until he finally came up with his concept, the golf club carrier.  A device for better organizing, tracking and accessing clubs while playing golf.  

Prototype / Patent Application Filing


After Tim came up with his solution he began working with a local machine shop to build a proof-of-concept prototype.  After a lot of time and effort, Tim had a beautiful and fully functional prototype that worked great.  At this point, Tim decided to file for a patent on his product and we assisted Tim with the preparation and filing of his patent application.

Test Markets


Once patent pending Tim began working on his marketing.  Using his high quality prototype he created a video, website and other promotional materials and began presenting his new product to manufacturers, distributors and retailers to see if there was interest in his product.  He also talked with countless fellow golfers to gather feedback.  Tim found there was a lot of interest in his product.  He also learned of areas in which his product could be further improved.  Tim began working on improving his product.

Product Improvements


Tim reviewed, considered and vetted numerous new design features, enhancements and simplifications to improve his product.  When Tim's product redesign was complete his product was simpler, smaller, and less costly.  It was also much easier to use and had an improved appearance and more consumer appeal.  He was now ready to have another prototype engineered and made to test his new version of his product.   Having taken it as far as he felt he could locally and having developed a 3 year relationship with our company, Tim approached us for help designing and building his next prototype.

Industrial Design, CAD, Costing


Once hired our designers began working on his new product design.  First we created complete CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings detailing the precise dimensions, materials and methods of attachment for every component.  The approved design, though simpler was comprised of over 50 components.  We then performed sourcing and costing exercises for each component.  This was done in order to calculate an exact cost for the prototype as well as estimates for start up manufacturing and cost per unit including minimum order quantity with estimated costs for assembly, packaging & shipping FOB as well.


Tim was very pleased with the quality of the design and costing work and hired Dirt Cheap Prototypes to build his next prototype.


Having worked with Dirt Cheap Prototypes for years I can say without hesitation that I trust them implicitly. Whether I have needed assistance with protection, product development or simply to have a conversation about my marketing strategies they have always been available, given sound advice and have always had my best interest and the interest of my product at heart.


Tim B. - CA

First Prototype
2nd Prototype Design

Other Interesting Facts

Prototype Color Decisions

Tim was having a hard time deciding what color to choose for his first prototype.   We rendered several different virtual prototypes in a variety of colors to help Tim decide.  Virtual prototypes are a great way to vet different design variations and color options before investing in a physical prototype.  These were done in Solidworks.

Consumer Survey

Using his new virtual prototypes Tim is surveying all of his friends and fellow golfers to get their opinion on colors.  


We told Tim we liked red and stainless steel the most.

Cost Reduction

Through product design streamlining and performing competitive costing exercises Tim's product price has been reduced by over 75% from his first design.

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