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When Esaa came to Dirt Cheap Prototypes with his project, he already had a promotional YouTube video, and he was looking for a prototype that he could present to investors.


His product, GourmetMeasure, is a patent pending device used in conjunction with the GourmetMiles app. By using the touch-capacitive or pressure-sensitive screen of your smartphone, GourmetMeasure weighs foods to calculate and store precise serving size data. This allows consumers to accurately determine the caloric, nutritional, vitamin, etc. values of an actual serving, rather than rely on the package labeling. His website explains more about how the product works.


Esaa knew that when people do not understand the relevant nutrition information for what they are eating, it can contribute to obesity and vitamin deficiencies. “Serving size labeling can be confusing and difficult to track. GourmetMiles is designed to give real-time feedback so you can eat intelligently.


Design & Prototyping

Dirt Cheap Prototypes built a prototype with legs that would swivel closed for shipping and would also support a small plate of food for further development of the product. The prototype of the tripod stand gave him the option to use it for creating videos and other promotional materials and also armed Esaa with engineered drawings.



“The work that the DCP team did was excellent. My prototype was beautiful and I am excited about how well it works now that I have tested it!   I was included on progress every step of the way. They kept me informed with photos and updates, and every communication was personal and professional. Definitely made the right choice in choosing to work with DCP!”

CapacitiveTouchComponents .JPG
Product Development
  • Engineering & Design

  • CAD

  • Physical Prototyping

  • Manufacturing Assistance

  • Focus Groups

Digital Media
  • Virtual Prototyping

  • Website Design

  • Photography

  • Video Production

* - Dirt Cheap Prototypes does not provide patent or marketing services.

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