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Vince, the inventor of the Ultimate Fish Feeder, has been a fish/aquarium enthusiast for much of his life. Throughout this time he has purchased numerous fish feeding systems to save time and effort as well as minimize waste and bacteria associated with unused food that sits in the gravel in the bottom of the tank.  However, no matter how much he searched, he could not find a single feeder that worked well with all of the various available foods, ranging from frozen fish food and cubes to the traditional fish flakes.


To solve this problem, Vince envisioned a new and innovative feeder with adjustable size dispensing holes that allow any type of fish food to be released at the desired rate that is best for their fish and the tank. Using the floating ring and adjustable cup to release the food gradually and at the perfect rate helps ensure that every last morsel is eaten with nothing left to decompose in the tank or filter. Simply rotate the feeder basket to create the perfect hole size for your choice of food, drop the food into the feeder...and you are done!


Design & Prototyping

Vince engaged DCP to develop his first professional prototype and within a few months had it in hand to test it. While he was very pleased with his prototype and liked how it looked and performed, based on extensive use and testing he determined there were several improvements he would like to make for his next prototype iteration. He circled back to us with his ideas for improvements, and we provided an estimate to design and build a second prototype iteration.  Vince weighed the cost and benefits of moving forward to create a product video with the current prototype in hand versus doing another round of prototyping in order to have an improved prototype with additional features with which to create his promotional video.


Vince finally decided to move forward with the development of a second prototype, and he received it just a few months later. He was ecstatic with the improved features, functionality, and appearance of his new prototype and felt 100 percent certain he had made the right decision to develop his much-improved version. Vince then engaged DCP’s digital media division to assist him with the development of a video and the creation of a website for his product which is currently underway.



“Working with DCP was an excellent experience. Throughout the entire process, they were very proactive and communicative and did an excellent job of capturing my vision for this product into a high-quality, functional prototype that looks great and works well enough to give me a high level of confidence to move forward in my efforts to commercialize my product. DCP’s price and quality were very good and their service was excellent. They were also professional and courteous from start to finish. Highly recommend!”  

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Product Development
  • Engineering & Design

  • CAD

  • Physical Prototyping

  • Manufacturing Assistance

  • Focus Groups

Digital Media
  • Virtual Prototyping

  • Website Design

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  • Video Production

* - Dirt Cheap Prototypes does not provide patent or marketing services.

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