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Complex Conceptual Development

How can a prototype benefit me?

A high quality prototype gives an invention an element of believability that is otherwise not possible.  It allows potential investors, strategic partners or other interested parties to make better informed decisions on a new product by being able to use and interact with the product first hand.  Prototypes are also great for creating compelling presentations and performing pre manufacturing  test markets to determine if a product will sell.

How much does a prototype cost?

Our physical prototype services start at $2,500.  However, because each product is unique, it is difficult to accurately estimate the cost of a prototype until it is thoroughly reviewed.  For this reason we offer a review of your invention at no cost or obligation.  Once reviewed we provide you with a written estimate to design and build your prototype.  This way you will have all of the information you need in writing to make the best informed decision on how to move forward with your product. 

Do you guarantee your prototypes?

While prototype parts are guaranteed to be made to within acceptable tolerances for each part, noone can guarantee how close a prototype will perform compared to a client's goals or expectations, especially on the very first prototype.  Therefore, while many first prototypes meet and exceed our client's expectations, it is not uncommon for an inventor to desire modifications and improvements after the first prototype is made and tested.  Our goal is typically to get the prototype working to the client's satisfaction on the first attempt and to minimize the additional work and costs, if additional work is needed.

Is Dirt Cheap Prototypes really THAT cheap?

When founded in 2009, the name “Dirt Cheap Prototypes” was chosen to convey that our virtual prototype services (which are typically ideal for early concept pitches) are a very cheap alternative to physical prototyping.  Today, even though over 80% of our prototypes are physical prototypes which can be significantly more expensive than virtual prototyping, our pricing is often up to 50% less than our primary competitors who also develop high quality electrical and mechanical prototypes.

Is there a discount for multiple prototypes?

While there can be very significant discounts for larger quantities of prototypes, the savings largely depends on how a particular prototype is made.  However we usually recommend our clients get a single prototype made, tested and working satisfactorily before investing in multiple prototypes.

Can you estimate the cost to manufacture my product?

While our team has successfully assisted over 20 clients with the manufacturing of their products, there is typically a certain level of product design detail that is required in order to provide a manufacturing quote.  This is similar to how a blueprint must be developed in order to accurately cost and build a custom home.  Because of the difficulty in accurately estimating costs without enough detail, and to avoid complaints if our guess is wrong, we do not provide estimates for prototyping or manufacturing until we have all of the available product information needed and have throughly reviewed and discussed the product requirements with the inventor.

Why choose Dirt Cheap Prototypes?

While Dirt Cheap Prototypes has established itself as an industry leader in affordable prototyping, we can actually help our clients with everything from a concept on paper to the manufactured and delivered product including logo development, package design and even the instruction manuals that are included with the retail product.  Working with one company and one point of contact from start to finish who is familiar with every aspect of your product and development can save an enormous amount of time and money and greatly reduce problems and product development time.  We also have relationships with patent practitioners who can review the new details and improvements in your product as they emerge and marketing contacts who can often assist with product introductions to retail buyers, mass retailers and even TV infomercial companies and TV shopping networks as well.

Do you have references I can talk to? 

Absolutely.  In addition to the 20+ client prototype and manufacturings stories on our website, 30+ testimonials and our A+ BBB rating, we also regularly arrange conference conversations between new clients and existing ones.  However we typically do this after we have provided a written estimate for a service to you in writing and have confirmed there is strong interest in proceeding.  Also, out of respect for our client's privacy we ask that you allow us to schedule the conversations with our existing clients.

How am I protected?

After clicking on the free quote link on the top left of our website (or below) you can complete and print (or save) the free prototype quote questionnaire.  The prototype questionnaire also includes a pre-signed confidentiality guarantee for your protection.

Free Quote


To receive a free quote to design, prototype or manufacture your invention simply complete this presigned confidentiality agreement and questionnaire*:


Confidential Questionnaire -->  Click Here

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* - Dirt Cheap Prototypes does not provide patent or marketing services

*-Very specific design details are typically required to provide accurate costs for manufacturing.

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