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Dirt Cheap Prototypes specializes in affordable, high-quality virtual and physical prototype development.  However, which is better largely depends on your product, goals, and budget.



Virtual Prototypes

Computer generated photorealistic virtual prototypes are great for creating quick and affordable high-quality presentations that can be used to develop preliminary interest in a new product.


In many cases, it is possible to develop your virtual prototype, a promotional video presentation and start using it for your product presentations within 4-6 weeks to determine if there is interest from your target audience.

Virtual Prototype Commercials

Texas Virtual Prototype.png

"Using my virtual prototype video to present my product to companies I attracted a partner who built a working physical prototype at their expense and they are now interested in the rights to manufacture and distribute it as well."

Jimmy B. - TX

Physical Prototypes


A physical prototype can give a new product the element of believability and credibility often needed for potential investors to make the investment commitment that inventors are often seeking.


When a physical prototype is developed we can also help you become logistically production ready with pricing and even help with production in many cases.

Using my Dirt Cheap Prototypes physical prototype I received enough investment from pre-manufacturing orders to pay for my tooling.  Now I have inventory and am selling my product.


Craig S. - WA

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* - Dirt Cheap Prototypes does not provide patent or marketing services

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