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Keith is the owner of a big box fitness center that specializes in physical therapy, sports performance, and fitness.  As a byproduct of his years of experience, Keith invented a new product to utilize as part of the rehabilitation process as well as for fitness for training.  Keith initially started his product development by making and testing prototypes locally in Boston.  Once he had developed his product as far as he could with his local resources he began looking for a company that could help him finalize his design for manufacturing as well as assist him with the manufacturing process.  After talking with the DCP team and learning about their experience with fitness product development and production, Keith made the decision to move forward with DCP.

Production Design

DCP worked closely with Keith to develop the production design for his product.  Once the design was approved, DCP provided Keith with all of the CAD design files, the BOM (Bill of material) and production drawings that Keith would need to vet manufacturers for product sampling as well as the manufacturing of the final commercial version of his product

Pre-Production Sampling

DCP then connected Keith with one of their high-end overseas manufacturing resources who produces fitness and sporting goods products for major retailers such as Walmart, Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods in order to perform the pre-production product sampling and confirm the costs to manufacture his product.  During the pre-production sampling and testing process Keith continued to tweak and improve his product until he was confident he had the final production design.


Once the final production design was approved by Keith he moved forward with the production of his product. Months later Keith's production run was completed and the inventory was shipped to him.  Keith was very happy with the quality of his inventory and has now started his product launch.  You can learn more about his product at


“As an extremely busy business owner, entrepreneur and family man, having the ability to take my product from design through production without having to travel with the help of DCP and their team, was a great experience.  DCP and all of additional contacts and resources they introduced me to throughout the process were all very professional and competent in instrumental to the successful development and production of my product.  Once my product is generating a profit I am also planning on working with DCP to develop a line of accessories for my product.  Highly recommend!

Keith C. 

Boston, MA

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Product Development
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  • Manufacturing Assistance

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Digital Media
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* - Dirt Cheap Prototypes does not provide patent or marketing services.

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