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Kitchen Docks

Identifying a Problem


David, the inventor of the TidyDocks Kitchen Soap and Scrubber Docking Station had been using a dishwand scrubber to wash dishes for many years.  He always had an issue of where to store the scrubber so it didn’t drip and make a mess on the counter.  Before TidyDocks, the last way he stored his dishwand scrubber was to keep it in a cup on the counter near the sink, but that looked un-kept.  Plus, he would keep the bottle of dish soap on the counter next to the cup, and that made the counter look even more un-kept.  His wife challenged him by saying, “you’re an engineer, can’t you come up with something better than this cup?”  He looked for something to buy that would work, and found nothing that allowed the scrubber to drip in the sink, and with a pump style soap dispenser kept with the scrubber.  That’s when his idea was born.


Developing a Solution


His solution, TidyDocks, is an attractive, handy, countertop organizer which conveniently stores both a pump style soap dispenser and dish cleaning brush together in one location for quick access when needed and easy storage when finished.  


Prototyping & Test Market


David made numerous prototypes and did extensive test marketing both to confirm consumer interest in his product and gain valuable feedback on areas of improvement.  With very positive results from his test market he decided to do a large dry market launch for his product to confirm the mass market appeal of his product before investing in the production of his product.


Just prior to his dry launch David spoke with DCP and reviewed his dry test launch strategy and proposed budget.  DCP provided David with another option which would save about 50% over his current strategy and also provide him with complete inventory.  After running the numbers David realized this was a much lower cost and lower risk way to launch his product and he proceeded with DCP for the manufacturing and worked with their contacts on the marketing.  


David was very pleased with the quality of the manufactured product and is now working his product into the market place.


"Having 4 years of product development experience I have very strong appreciation for DCP’s ability to provide high product development quality assistance at very competitive prices.  Through their assistance on our first manufacturing project I was able to do all of the manufacturing and test marketing of my product for about 50% less than what I had originally budgeted for my product development and launch with another company.  

In addition to the savings, they connected me with excellent resources for shipping, warehousing, marketing and fulfillment and always assisted with project management and problem solving even in areas outside of their provided services in many cases.   They are very quick to respond and excellent at finding solutions and bringing in the right resources as problem solving is needed to efficiently and effectively work through the challenges which seemingly always arise throughout the new product development process.”

I highly recommend DCP to anyone who is serious about developing a new product and is looking for high quality product development and manufacturing assistance and competitive pricing.


David D.



Cheap - Plastic - Injection Mold - Prototype - Manufacturing - Cleveland - Ohio
Dirt Cheap Prototypes - Injection Mold - Prototype - Manufacturing - Cleveland - Ohio
Cheap - Plastic - Injection Mold - Prototype - Manufacturing - Cleveland - Ohio
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