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Stackpack is the brainchild of a university professor, Sonia, who travels extensively and sometimes has to “live out of a suitcase”.  However, she likes to show up looking neat and professional rather than a rumpled mess! The challenge was to find some way of keeping clothes and other items tidy, organized and easy to find while traveling, without constantly unpacking and repacking. After trying many combinations of existing packing aids and enduring a good deal of frustration, she came up with her own solution:  a lift-out, stackable suitcase divider that separates packed items into layers.

When Sonia first envisioned her StackPack idea, it seemed like a very simple product to produce. But even “simple” products - like her lightweight luggage divider with hold-down straps and handles - can still require a good deal of development work. She could see her idea working but she needed help getting a quality prototype made.


Prototyping & Manufacturing


DCP worked with Sonia on design improvements, material selection, product sampling and pricing for a small production run. Once the prototypes had been satisfactorily completed and Sonia was ready to go into production, DCP introduced Sonia directly to one of their overseas manufacturing resources and helped manage her first production run to ensure it went as smoothly as possible and a few months later, the first production samples were in her hands! Sonia had decided to have her product manufactured in two sizes (1,000 of each) so her STACKPACK product would fit more luggage sizes and styles.

Digital Media

With her product samples in hand, Sonia also decided to hire DCP to create a 60-second promotional video so she could use it as a sales tool on her website.  Sonia shipped product samples to the DCP video production team who then collaboratively developed her promotional video.


Now Sonia has a professional video to help promote her product said “I definitely saw an increase in my product sales after adding the video to my website.”

Sonia currently has inventory in two sizes both sizes and is continuing to work on her marketing and increasing her product’s visibility through online sales venues such as Shopify and Amazon. You can check out Sonia's website here.



“Working with DCP was a pleasure.  From start to finish they were very professional, knowledgeable and helpful.  I was also very pleased with their pricing, quality of their work and their service.  Highly recommend!”

Sonia. S.

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Product Development
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Digital Media
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* - Dirt Cheap Prototypes does not provide patent or marketing services

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