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Dirt Cheap Prototypes - Rubber - Sports - Injection Mold

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Sports Bumper

Manufacturing Referral


When Bo was referred to us, he had been manufacturing his product in the United States for a year and was considering manufacturing overseas.  His production costs were simply too high, leaving him very little profit for the enormous amount of time and work he was investing in his product.

Manufacturing Estimate


After the non-disclosure agreements were exchanged, the design details were provided so that we could we provide him with competitive quotes for manufacturing his product overseas. While the client was very pleased that the estimate would save him a significant amount when compared with his current manufacturing costs, he still wanted to explore options for reducing costs while still manufacturing his product in the United States.  


After further research, Bo chose a manufacturer who quoted very competitive prices and told him that everything would be done in the United States.  We cheerfully wished our friend every success with his new manufacturing partner and parted ways.  About 6 weeks later, our client came back and contracted us to assist him with the overseas manufacturing of his product.  Apparently, the things he had been told by the company about manufacturing everything in the United States were untrue.  Naturally, he was concerned about committing any further.

Mold – Tooling – Product Samples


The next step was to make the tools necessary to manufacture the client's product.  Once the deposit was received, the tooling was ordered and the mold-making process was underway.  After over a month of work, the mold was complete.  The next step was to make parts from the mold to make sure they were satisfactory.  


The client wanted to perform some test markets and asked for samples to be made in several different durometers (hardness of rubber) and colors.  Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors, the first parts did not release well from the mold and were defective.  This happens.  So after a week of additional research, we were able to provide several more options.  After conferring with the client, we created the next round of samples. (This was done at no additional cost.)  


The 2nd batch of samples appeared to be satisfactory and were shipped to the client for inspection and approval.  The client was satisfied with the results and then paid the balance of the tooling.

Manufacturing Run


The first production run was started with a down payment of half the total amount.  About 4 weeks later, the first production run was completed, packaged and shipped to the client.  The client was pleased with the product he received. We also designed, manufactured and shipped the the retail packaging for his product.  This portion of our service was shipped separately because the client only wanted to use the packaging on units that were being sold through distributors and retailers, allowing him to avoid the extra cost for online/consumer direct sales.  

“Working with DCP manufacturing team has been a real pleasure. Even though my process was met with some hurdles, everything was managed well and with the upmost professionalism. They were very patient with me and my questions/concerns with manufacturing overseas. And when things didn’t work out according to plan, they were available to talk and assure me that everything will work out, which it did. I would recommend DCP's services to any of my friends and have done so already.”


Bo P. - CO


Cheap - Rubber - Sports - Injection Mold
Dirt Cheap Prototypes - Rubber - Sports - Injection Mold
Cheap - Rubber - Sports - Injection Mold

Physical Prototyping


The prototypes in this stage were created from the CAD drawings.  Two prototypes were made so that Marty could test the nesting feature.  Upon close examination, you will notice that the edges are not perfect.  This is because, with some inventions, it is not easy to build a perfect prototype until it has been tooled up for mass production.  Materials and processes used for making prototypes are typically very different than the materials and processes used to manufacturer the actual products.  The inventor, having knowledge of the prototyping process, was aware that the prototype of his product design would have some visual imperfections, but for his purposes of testing the strength and function of the new design, it was more than adequate.  Here is an image of the finished prototypes:

Manufacturing Update

Bo now has 3 products in production

with Dirt Cheap Prototypes' Assistance

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