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Cheap - Prototype - Leather - Purse - Atlanta - Georgia
Dirt Cheap Prototypes  - Leather - Purse - Atlanta - Georgia

Arm Purse

A Flash of Inspiration


One day when Tammy was on one of her infamous shopping sprees she brought her new born son with her.  It was extremely difficult maneuvering her brand new baby boy, his diaper bag, her purse, shopping bags and the stroller. Frustrated she ended her shopping spree and headed home.  As she walked towards her car she thought, "There must be an easier way to carry my purse".  Then, driving home her brilliant idea just popped into her head!  That was the day Tammy's Arm Purse was born.

Arm Purse Prototype Development 


After filing for her patent Tammy began physically developing her arm purse.  After much research, she hired a leather designer to make the first prototype naturally thinking that would be her best option.  Unfortunately, the prototype did not turn out as well as she expected.  


Not satisfied with the results Tammy hired our design team to assist her with the creation of a higher quality prototype.  After about 2 months of collaboration, Tammy received her finished prototype and she was very pleased with the results.

“Working with the DCP product development team to create a high quality prototype was a very positive experience for me.  They asked questions, listened carefully and checked and double checked everything before completing my prototype.  I know how hard it can be to develop high quality hand made prototypes but they came as close as I could have possibly hoped.  With my high quality samples and website I am now generating a lot of interest and preorders and am hoping to do my first production run with DCP's help very soon.  


Thank you for making my prototype development as important to you as it was to me!.”


Tammy S. - GA

Finished Prototype

Cheap - Prototype - Leather - Purse - Atlanta - Georgia
Dirt Cheap Prototypes  - Leather - Purse - Atlanta - Georgia
Cheap - Prototype - Leather - Purse - Atlanta - Georgia
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