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Cheap - Rubber - Injection Mold - Connecticut
Dirt Cheap Prototypes - Rubber - Injection Mold - Connecticut

Patent Assistance, Virtual Prototyping, Virtual Packaging, Tooling Coordination

Multi-Ringed Container Lid

A Flash of Inspiration


As a wife, mother, and grandmother, Patricia spends a lot of time in the kitchen!  Much of that time was also spent looking for the right lid that fits each bowl.  Tired of sifting through piles of mismatched lids Patricia continuously searched without success for something that would spare her this frustration. Then one day while putting food away the idea of making one lid that fit many different size bowls came to her!


When we first began working with Patricia she had little more than an idea on paper.  We developed a virtual prototype video for Pat and she began using it in hopes of developing interest in her concept and attracting a partner.  While Pat did receive some interest in her concept none was to the level she had hoped.

Improvements & IP protection


While working on her marketing Pat came up with an idea for an enhancement for her concept, a fold over feature.  This was because when placing the hard flat lid on a smaller bowl the lid can protrude several inches past the edge of the smaller container (like a mushroom top).  Feeling this added feature may be the key to her success Pat filed additional protection on her new fold over feature.  Because her original application was still pending the patent attorney filed the new application as a continuation-in-part.  This way, even though the application contained new matter and was being filed at a later date, any common subject matter between the original filing and the CIP filing will have the benefit of the filing date of the original application.  

Designing & Building a Prototype


After Patricia's CIP was filed she had her prototype made and it worked perfectly!

Tooling & Production

When Patricia decided to manufacture her 12" lids we helped coordinate the production.  Within 45 days of ordering her tooling Patricia's mold was finished and within 2 weeks after that she had physical samples in hand just in time for the housewares show!  Also, because there were unique aspects to Patricia's new commercial version of her concept our team assisted her with the preparation and filing of one more patent application.

“Working with Dirt Cheap Prototypes the last several years been great.  They have not only provided me with valuable assistance but are always available to help when I have questions, concerns or important decisions to make.    Getting my product developed from an idea on paper to a manufactured product with inventory has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have accomplished, and DCP has been with me every step of the way!”


Pat A. - MI

Virtual Prototypes

Dirt Cheap Prototypes - Rubber - Injection Mold - Connecticut

Virtual Packaging

Cheap - Rubber - Injection Mold - Connecticut
Dirt Cheap Prototypes - Rubber - Injection Mold - Connecticut

Commercial Version

Cheap - Rubber - Injection Mold - Connecticut
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