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One day Mike was struck with an idea for creating a fun and festive way to distribute gift cards to people over the holidays. His idea was to integrate the distribution of gift cards through a small, attractive tabletop Christmas Tree game where the players one at a time randomly chose one of thirty light bulbs on the tree in hopes of selecting the winning bulb!



Digital Media Services

Feeling that a high-quality presentation could help him in his efforts to attract interest in his product, Mike hired Dirt Cheap Prototypes to develop a virtual prototype commercial.  


Over the next six weeks the digital media team at Dirt Cheap Prototypes worked closely with Mike to develop a scripted narration and 3D renders of his product. After a few edits and revisions of the scripting, 3D modeling, and video production, the final video presentation captured all of the most important aspects of his product. Mike was very pleased with his final video!



“Working with DCP’s team for the development of my product video was an excellent experience. Start to finish they were very professional and provided me with a very high-quality virtual prototype video that really captured my vision. I highly recommend DCP to anyone who is interested in creating an affordable, high-quality virtual prototype and video for their product.”  

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New Card Slot - Card Out.jpg
Product Development
  • Engineering & Design

  • CAD

  • Physical Prototyping

  • Manufacturing Assistance

  • Focus Groups

Digital Media
  • Virtual Prototyping

  • Website Design

  • Photography

  • Video Production

* - Dirt Cheap Prototypes does not provide patent or marketing services.

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